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Elementary Schools

Elementary schools include kindergarten through fifth grade. Classroom instruction and individual activities give children a solid academic foundation for further education. Weekly art and music instruction as well as physical fitness classes are also components of the elementary curriculum.


Middle Schools
The middle school curriculum meets the needs of developing adolescents with academic requirements which include English, mathematics, science, and social studies. Exploratory courses allow students to begin to develop their own interests. Middle schools provide a gradual transition from elementary to high school, as students progress from team teaching in the sixth grade to changing classes in the eighth grade.


High Schools & Technical Centers
The curriculum for grades nine through twelve includes college preparatory, work/study programs, and vocational and technical training that provide entry-level job skills. Five foreign languages are offered, including Japanese. Honors and advanced placement courses are offered for students who demonstrate the ability and desire for in-depth study. Four high schools offer junior ROTC programs.


Specialty Centers
The centers, located in each of the high schools and at three middle schools, offer Henrico County students choices to focus their learning experiences. The centers offer advanced courses to students who have clear interests and specific educational and/or career goals. As you plan for your future, you may also want to consider your goals after high school. Attending a specialty center may give you an advantage. In addition to the traditionally strong academic programs offered at each Henrico comprehensive high school, attending a specialty center is an opportunity to concentrate on a specialized interest while completing a rigorous college-preparatory program.


Program Centers
Henrico County Public Schools hosts individual program centers to serve the varying needs of our students.








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