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Henrico County is a dynamic community with a history of commitment to and engagement of the public at large in governmental processes. Henrico has evolved over the past two decades into a community with global characteristics with a continuing focus on excellence and opportunity. As such, Henrico County Public Schools is a significant force in meeting community and educational needs in response to the desires and dreams of the citizens of Henrico County.


Under the leadership of the school board and superintendent, the division embarked on a long range planning effort to develop a strategic plan to guide the division to new levels of excellence. A collaborative planning process was used that involved multiple stakeholders throughout the process. This inclusive approach began in fall 2009 and resulted in the creation of a plan that reflects a collective vision and invests the community in the direction and measures of success for individual students, schools, and the division.  The division’s Education 2000 plan outlines the value of a collaborative planning process and this perspective is relevant today. 


“The process of planning, by its nature, is a positive affirmation of the future. It places its trust in people, their involvement in goal-setting, but most importantly, their ability to create a stronger organization through teamwork. Planning is optimistic. It does not view the future as a given…Planning presents choices. It also asserts that there are standards by which progress can be measured.” (Education 2000, Henrico County Public Schools, 1995)


Planning for the future involves a critical review of skills needed for individual success and citizenship. Planning also involves monitoring changes in and a response to membership trends and characteristics of the community. Community membership growth has slowed, but pockets of development continue throughout the county. As the community evolves through shifts within the metropolitan area and the influx of new families, the division evaluates resources and programs to meet the educational needs of our children. The division analyzes membership changes, developmental impacts on facilities and programs, and engages in program evaluations to ensure a innovative program of success for students. These proactive approaches are reflected in the strategic plan that is designed to

  • Ensure student achievement,
  • Assess progress towards meeting goals and objectives,
  • Manage resources to effectively deliver instructional services,
  • Integrate technology into instruction, and
  • Continue to engage the community in educational processes.

Henrico County Public Schools is proud to present the 2015 Strategic Plan and appreciates the ongoing support and commitment of the community.

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