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Patrick Kinlaw

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Hello again, and welcome to spring! It’s my pleasure to join you in this space for the first time as your superintendent of schools. I’m so honored to have the support of the School Board as we lead a fantastic team of teachers and staff throughout this great county. With any luck, by the time you read this we’ll be past the potential for snow closings and delays, so I wanted to take a moment to share some considerations when we do face inclement weather.


When we have inclement weather, there are several primary considerations: (1) road conditions; and (2) school campus conditions (parking lots and sidewalks); and (3) interior conditions (heat, leaks, electricity, etc). During inclement weather, we have staff out on roads and in neighborhoods across the county assessing conditions. Consideration is given to road temperatures, texture of snow/ice (wet, fluffy, depth, frozen over, refreezing, etc.). We do know that there are some roads and neighborhoods that are not treated in any fashion. It ends up being a matter of getting safely to primary roads from home/bus stops. Closing or delaying school is rarely an easy decision. We know that it not only disrupts the flow of things at school, but at home as well. Your patience and understanding when these adjustments must be made are appreciated. 


Our new Student Performance Task Force has convened twice this year and is making great strides toward identifying ways that we can raise student achievement in Henrico County. I’m proud to call these dedicated volunteers my colleagues, and I want our readers to know that the hours this task force is putting in will yield great results by the time the work is completed. I look forward to reporting back to you later this year with detailed information.


Speaking of achievement, I want to remind you that our grading practices will change this fall, most notably the use of a 10-point grading scale for grades 6-12. If you’d like to know more about the changes and how this will impact your child at the elementary and secondary levels beginning this September, I encourage you to visit the main HCPS website, henrico.k12.va.us, and look for the links under Hot Topics.


Finally, I’m encouraged by the positivity I’m seeing as I travel the county to visit each of our schools, collecting feedback from the teachers and staff. Your children are in the extremely capable hands of an awesome group of educators, all of whom go above and beyond to make HCPS as great as it can be. Thank you for reading, and please don’t hesitate to reach me at pckinlaw@henrico.k12.va.us.

Pat Kinlaw
Superintendent of Schools

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