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2013 Grading Practices Committee and Feedback


Henrico County Public Schools formed the 2013 Grading Practices Committee (GPC) in January 2013.  The committee was charged with exploring two possibilities: (1) changing the current HCPS grading policy from a seven point scale to a ten point scale; and (2) changing the current weighting system from .17 to a 1.0 scale. A third issue was added during the committee’s first meeting. The committee will also consider if the weight value of honors vs. advanced courses should be differentiated.   

The committee consists of 60+ individuals (teachers, parents, administrators, and students).  Also, university admissions counselors are providing insight as well.

Rationale for the GPA Committee
Numerous Virginia school divisions (20 of the largest 25) use or have recently moved to a ten point grading scale.  Among those divisions are Fairfax, Prince William, Virginia Beach, Loudoun, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Stafford.  The school division wants to ensure that its students are competitive with other large Virginia school divisions when it comes to college admission, merit-based scholarships and college honors programs.

Activities Associated with the Committee’s Work

As work continues, additional documents and information will be posted on the web site.

Questions may be directed to:

Dr. Patrick C. Kinlaw
Deputy Superintendent
Leadership Development and Special Projects


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